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Scuba Crew 2555 & 2910

Scuba Crew 2555 and Scuba Crew 2910 are youth SCUBA organizations sponsored by Y-kiki Divers. Our goal with both crews is to provide junior divers with an opportunity to: dive (or learn about diving), go on local dive excursions, participate in fun-filled pool activities and to simply hang out with friends. Crew members do not need to be SCUBA certified – so feel free to bring your non-certified friends.

This adventure crew is co-ed and run entirely by participating youth. Crew members attend monthly activities and enjoy all the benefits and perks of being associated with Y-kiki Divers like access to SCUBA gear and swimming pools!

Our organization is associated with the Boy Scouts of America. If you are interested in joining, you’ll need to complete a BSA youth application and submit the fee to cover annual membership dues. Adults can join too! Fill out the BSA adult application and join Scuba Venturing Crew 2555 or Scuba Crew 2910 as as an advisor. Scuba Crew is a part of Venturing. Your BSA membership includes access to other BSA resources, too, like summer camps and special events like Snow Ski night and Fall Fun Rally.

Online link to sign up to be a part of Scuba Crew 555. This link is good for both youth, adults AND volunteers.

Check out our 2021 Schedule and plan on blowing some bubbles with us!

 Jan. 9, 2021, 1 p.m. Pool Session: Scuba Review & Buoyancy Check @ Principia
 Jan. 25-31, 2021 University of Scouting, Virtually
 Feb. 6, 2021, 1 p.m. Pool Session: Underwater Hockey @ Principia
 March 6, 2021, 1 p.m. Pool Session: Challenge Dive @ Principia
 April 10, 2021, 1 p.m. Pool Session: Bring a Friend, Free Discover Scuba @ Principia

 May 29 -31, 2021

Dive Trip: Fun Dives at Pennyroyal, Kentucky over Memorial Weekend

 June 12, 2021

Dive Trip: Fun Dives at Pennyroyal, Kentucky

 July 17, 2021

Dive Trip: PADI Womens Dive Day at Pennyroyal, Kentucky
 Aug. 14, 2021 Dive Trip: Fun Dives at Mermet Springs, Metropolis, IL

 Sept. 4-6, 2021

Dive Trip: Fun Dives at Pennyroyal, Kentucky

 Oct. 16, 2021

Dive Trip: Underwater Pumpkin Carving @ Mermet Springs, Metropolis, IL

 Nov. 13, 2021, 1 p.m.

Pool Session: Underwater Hockey @ Principia

 Dec. 4, 2021, Noon

Pool Session: Help with Scuba Santa @ Principia

Check us out (and see our photo gallery):

Crew Advisor:
Susan Donnelly. Email Susan
David Allsop Email David.

Committee Chair:
Bill Cowley. Email Bill


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