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Teaching St. Louis to scuba dive since 1989.

Steve Heaton
PADI Master Instructors

Mark "Sharky" Alexander

Eric Brown

Bill Cowley

Ken Elliott

Matt Hahn

Peggy Harrison 


Lynn Robbins

Instructor Developmnet Course Staff

Valerie Elliott

Bryan Gavan

Robert Gladstone

Bjorn Loftis

Cindy Schroeder

Master Scuba Diver Trainers

Scott Battles

Brian Cole

Bill Harrison

Chris Hunter

Mike Keim

Geoff Laing

Jean Lewis

Lisa McDonald

Dave Rosen

Suzan Sangster

Bill Schindler

Joey Schmitz

Vince Via

Wes Workman

Phil Wright

Open Water Scuba Instructors

Eric Catalano

John Costantinou

Jonathan Ellsworth

Vicki Fernau

Kent Gray

Lauren Herrington

Jim Hull

Betty Jones

Bill Jones

Mike McDonal

Fritz Mihelcic

Jeff Mormol

Stacey Mormol

Ted O'Connor

Bruce Tanner

Jeremy Thompson

Assistant Instructors

Don DiMarco

Dianne Jugan

Steve Meinhardt


Tammy Bartholomew
Discover Scuba Leader

Shawn Bishop

Matthew Bourvic
Discover Scuba Leader

JoAnn Burnes
Discover Scuba Leader

Susan Donnelly
Discover Scuba Leader

Sean Dulle
Discover Scuba Leader

Amanda Dyson

Adam Fitzgerald

David Frawley Jr.
Discover Scuba Leader

Thea Galantowicz

Katie Herrell

Mike Johnson

Andrew Knepper

Mark Lafargue
Discover Scuba Leader

Chad Loeffelman
Discover Scuba Leader

Tom McLerran

Megan Peterman

Mike Ross

Jody Stauffer

Janelle Wadsworth

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Jane Palmer
Photography Instructor


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