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Discover Snorkeling

Y-kiki Divers

Discover Snorkeling

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A fun experience the whole family can enjoy since there are no age restrictions. The perfect way to get everyone comfortable with snorkeling before heading on that family vacation.

Spend an hour or so with a Y-kiki Divers instructor and learn about the equipment used, how to use it, and what you can expect to see when you move on from the pool to open water.

We don't schedule a lot of Discover Snorkeling sessions, but can run one any weekend we have pool availability. Purchaae the December 30, 2030 date, then contact the shop and we can arrange a date that works for you.

30 Dec 2030 | 8 | 8
Mon 30 Dec 2030
02 hours 00 minutes
Principia HS Pool

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