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Y-kiki Divers
Discover Snorkeling

A fun experience the whole family can enjoy since there are no age restrictions. The perfect way to get everyone comfortable with snorkeling before heading on that family vacation. Spend an hour or so with a Y-kiki Divers instructor and learn about the… - Read More

US$ 30.00

Discover Scuba participants will be briefed by a Y-kiki Divers staff member, don scuba gear and, after mastering a few basic concepts and scuba skills, be given the opportunity to explore the underwater world in the safe environment of the swimming pool.… - Read More

US$ 50.00

Y-kiki Divers
PADI Seal Team

The PADI Seal Team program is an exciting underwater activity-filled introduction to the world of diving. The PADI Seal Team program gives youngsters a chance to explore the underwater realm on scuba and experience adventure, discovery and thrills. It… - Read More

US$ 160.00

Y-kiki Divers
Master Seal Team

PADI Seals! Continue the adventure with Specialty AquaMissions! Each Specialty AquaMission introduces young divers to new dive experiences and equipment. PADI Seals who complete 10 additional AquaMissions and demonstrate the ability to assemble and disassemble… - Read More

US$ 50.00

Y-kiki Divers
BSA Swim Test

US$ 10.00

Y-kiki Divers
BSA Scuba Award

US$ 55.00

Boy Scouts! If you've already earned your BSA Scuba Award, what's next? Consider earning your Scuba Merit Badge! You will earn your PADI Open Water Scuba certification and open the door to new underwater adventures. Unlike many other merit badges, the… - Read More

US$ 0.00

Y-kiki Divers

US$ 42.50