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Celebrate in style!

Celebrate a birthday or special occasion with a Scuba Birthday Party! No pre-training is required.

The Bubblemaker program is for youngsters age 8 and above and is a fun, easy and safe introduction to scuba, conducted by certified scuba instructors. Children should be OK in the water, but they don’t have to be super swimmers since the maximum depth is only 6 ft.

The Discover Scuba program is for those 10 and up looking for a bit more adventure for their party.

• Children must be 8 years old (10 years old for Discover Scuba) and comfortable in the water.
• Parents must complete and sign a PADI Bubblemaker Statement and Assumption of Risk and Liability Release Agreement or PADI Snorkeling and Skin Diving liability release prior to event.

The program includes:
Bubblemaker Party Invitations
All scuba equipment & pool toys
Scuba diving experience for 1 ½ hours
Bubblemaker certificate for each participant as a party favor and a Bubblemaker towel for the birthday child.

Note: Contact Y-kiki to schedule. All participants will need to complete and sign a registration and release form prior to the event. Medical approval may be required by some. Completed forms for all participants and fees due one week prior to event.

Up to 8 participants (6 kids ages 8-9 years or 8 kids ages 10 and up). Cost starts at $260 for a Bubblemaker party. Contact the shop to discuss pricing and details for a  Discover Scuba party.