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Earn your PADI ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE DIVER Distinctive Specialty Certification with Y-kiki Divers!

This course was designed using state-of-the-art dive training – and the latest intelligence on zombies!  It offer divers the chance to hone their skills and enjoy a day of wild adventure in the water… while testing their skills for survival through a Zombie Apocalypse!Zombie Apocalypse Diver Patch

As an added bonus, this PADI Distinctive Specialty Certification counts towards your Master Scuba Diver rating!  Yes, this is a real PADI Specialty Course – you can read about it in Sport Diver Magazine by clicking here.

Obtained over the course of 2 scenario-based dives, trainees will earn their certification by completing a unique series of challenges and obstacles. Divers will test their survival skills, rescue skills and a few skills they didn’t even know they had. At the end they will obtain the most sought after certification card in SCUBA history: Zombie Apocalypse Diver.

All students are encouraged to wear zombie makeup and dive gear for their open water dives!

• Manual
• PADI C-Card (Clearly states that you hold the rank of Zombie Apocalypse Diver! Not that anyone will check your C-card after the world ends…)
• Certificate of Completion (Suitable for framing… not that there are any frames left after the apocalypse, but you can use it as kindling.)
• Zombie Skin Bracelet (To commemorate your training in survival diving. The bracelet is made with real zombie skin. Wearing it will help mask your odor to avoid the herd of walkers.)

What Will We Be Doing?

The course is a one day diving event. It involves an hour of class time to go over the course materials which include: A history of the class, zombie history, the biology and physiology of zombies, types of zombies, and what to expect during the class. The information is included in the student manual.

• PADI Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver certification (or qualifying certification from another organization)
• Minimum age is 12 years old

Credits: Zombie Diver photo by Mark Romano, Zombie Apocalypse Logo designed by Stanley Bucasas for Sharkiteuthis Diving Co. LLC (www.zombieapocalypsediver.com)

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